Exterior Painting:

The climate in Las Vegas can be tough on homes. Extremely hot temperatures, UV rays, and lack of moisture all play a role in deteriorating an exterior paint coating. Fortunately, our team of skilled painters, along with the New Age process of complete prepping and painting, will protect and beautify Las Vegas properties for many years to come.

Our process includes:

  • Full exterior powerwash to remove dirt and debris to allow for clean painting surfaces. In some cases, TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) may be included in the wash to remove oxidized and chalking paint.

  • Scraping and removing of loose failing paint.

  • Sanding areas to create a smoother painting surface and to feather out edges where bare areas meet areas that still have paint.

  • Priming needed areas to allow for proper paint adhesion, and to seal areas from rust or stains.

  • Caulking needed areas to create a moisture barrier around the home. This is done using a 55 year rated, urathanized acrylic elastomeric caulking. Elastomeric caulkings are superior in stretchablity and durability to the elements.

  • Complete masking and covering of areas not to be painted (windows, roof, concrete, landscaping, furniture, decks, patios, etc).

  • Application of only premium quality paints (ask estimator for details) using today’s most advanced professional standards.

  • Daily job site clean up and progress reports.

  • Respectful and courteous professional painters.

  • Final job site inspection to ensure customer satisfaction.


Interior painting:

We offer interior painting services, from the basics of painting a few rooms up to the complexity of painting an entire home or commercial property. Multiple colors and cutting crisp professional lines are our specialty. You won’t have to worry about those rounded corners either! And, if clients are looking for more than just basic colors on walls and ceilings, we also offer a full line of decorative services including:


Transforming stained surfaces to painted surfaces:

Many clients request to paint their stained and varnished baseboards, trim, doors and casing, handrails, and even cabinets. This is a process that takes a true craftsman!

The possibilities are endless…With New Age Painting & Coatings, customers can allow their imagination and vision for their home to create just about anything imaginable! Free consultations are just a phone call away.

All of our interior painting services include the following:

  • Masking and covering any furniture, fixtures, carpet, trim, windows, etc. to prevent paint drips and spills.

  • Tape caulking of any color lines, breaks, or meeting up of different colors. Tape caulking creates crisp, clean lines along walls and ceilings, base trim and door casings, or anywhere one color stops and another starts.

  • Application of 2 coats of paint is always required for interior painting, and is done as industry standard suggests.

  • Removal and reinstallation of wall plates (electrical, phone, light switches).

  • Filling of nail holes, cracks, or drywall imperfections.

  • Drywall repair and retexturing.


Wood refinishing (decks, fences, windows, doors, trim):

Over time, stained and sealed wood surfaces will become affected by both interior and exterior elements. New Age Paint offers a variety of services to get your wood surfaces looking great again!

Decks and fences:

Exterior decks and fences are exposed year round to the elements. Depending on the existing coating, decks and fences will be powerwashed, possibly sanded, and recoated with the appropriate coating to protect and seal surfaces from UV rays and the ultra dry weather in Las Vegas (ask estimator for further details).

Interior stained surfaces:

These surfaces include but are not limited to baseboards, doors, and door casings, cabinets, windows, and other interior trim. Over time, the original stain and lacquer coating becomes worn down. These areas will appear faded and dull compared to the way they used to look. We are able to sand down, stain to match and revarnish these surfaces to make them look new again!

Color Consulting:

Our estimators give free color consulting at the free estimates. We are not professional interior designers, but have experience painting many homes. We are able to make recommendations as to what colors will look good together, and what may not. We can offer advice in regards to color combinations, accents, and popular shades and hues. But please remember, our estimators can only point you in the right direction. The ultimate color decision is yours however and we highly recommend that you test a sample of any colors you choose prior to painting!